System: DS-V6bN auf mit Trapezblech gedeckten Schrägdächer - niedrige Schiene


Structure description
Complete support system for any number of PV panels in
a vertical arrangement on a sloping roof covered with trapezoidal
metal sheets

Technical description:
Materials of the support system:
A- Aluminium
E- Stainless steel
F- Steel in zinc flake coating
Structure tested for strength.

Arrangement of the modules:
· vertical - V

- quick installation of the structure using threaded screws
directly to the trapezoidal metal sheets without the need
to locate the rafters
- very economical design with a small number of components
- the elements are made of stainless steel and aluminium,
which guarantees very high corrosion resistance
- high stability of the structure thanks to the aluminium profile
with a specially profiled section

BAKS provides a 10 year warranty period for the components
included in the support structure only if all conditions of the
manufacturer's warranty are met

Elemente des Satzes
lfd. Nr Produktbezeichnung Symbol Katalognummer Stck. in Aufhängung
1 Montageschiene, Aluminium SM400 890040
BAKS - Kablewegsysteme
10 Stck. in Aufhängung
2 Seitenpaneel... BUFK32 897432
BAKS - Kablewegsysteme
4 Stck. in Aufhängung
3 Mittelpaneel... PUFK 890300
BAKS - Kablewegsysteme
6 Stck. in Aufhängung
4 Bohrschraube mit EPDM SMDP6,0x25E 894824
BAKS - Kablewegsysteme
40 Stck. in Aufhängung