PYRO-SAFE KS1 Intumescent Fire Protection Coating

0.0 Cable Management Solutions – BAKS

Protecting cable routes with fire-retardant
coatings prevents:
- ignition of cables from an external source of fire
- ignition of cables in case of short-circuit or overheating
- migration of flame along cable combustible jacketing
- propagation of fire by dripping, burning clodding
- alternative to other passive fire protection solutions

Additional information

At ambient temperature 23°C and relative humidity
65%: to the touch after approx. 6 hours, cured
after 4 days.


- mix thoroughly (stirring the emulsion for 5 minutes minimum
using drill and paddle - recommended) before the application;
emulsions can be dispersed adding to 3% water
- spread with a brush, paint roller, or spray paint. It is suggested
to spray paint with an Airless gun, for which strongly advised
are: FLAMMOPLAST KS1- working pressure 210 bar,
nozzle: 0.48-0.53mm, no filter


Only properly prepared coating will secure properly cables
against fire

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