System: DP-DNH...E (10°, 15°, 20°) on flat roofs


Structure description
Complete support system for fixing the panels horizontally
at angles of 10°, 15° and 20° on a flat roof. The DP-DNHBE
system enables the panels to be installed without disturbing
the roofing thanks to the ballasting of the system with
concrete blocks (protect the blocks from soaking in rainwater).


Construction assembly instructions for download:

Technical description:
Materials of the support system:
MC- Coated structural steel:
Magnelis®, MagiZinc®, PosMAC
A- Aluminium
E- Stainless steel
F- Steel in zinc flake coating
Structure tested for strength.

Arrangement of the modules:
· horizontal - H

Structure assembly variants:
• anchored to the roof
• ballast (after using vibration damping pads and ballast bases)
• heated
• aluminum mounting rail

– quick installation and low price
– system tested for strength
– steel in Magnelis® coating guarantees very high corrosion resistance
– fixing the panel holders to the main profile with one screw and channel nut
– variable adjustment of the spacing of holders in the main profile
– longitudinal holes for panel mounting in the UPDMC and
UPG…MC holders extend the tolerances for mounting of the panels to the system mounted on the roof
– bottom holder for setting three angles: 10°, 15°

BAKS provides a 10 year warranty period for the components
included in the support structure only if all conditions of the
manufacturer's warranty are met