Structure description
Complete support system for fixing two rows of panels in a vertical


Download assembly instructions:


Technical description:
Materials of the support system:
MC- Coated structural steel:
Magnelis®, MagiZinc®, PosMAC
A- Aluminium
E- Stainless steel
F- Steel in zinc flake coating
System tested for strength.


Arrangement of the modules:
· vertical – V


Ground conditions:
· soil with good/high load capacity


System assembly variants:
· W-H2G2 system – rammed into the ground
(anchorage depth depends on ground conditions)
· W-H2K2 system – support posts anchored
to the concrete foundation
· W-H2B2 system – support posts poured with concrete
min. B20 in the holes made in the ground
(size of the holes depends on the ground conditions)
· W-H2S2 system – on request, a screw screwed into the
ground for fixing of the support posts
· W-H2…2-WZ system – east-west option


BAKS provides a 10 year warranty period for the components
included in the support structure - only if all conditions of the
manufacturer's warranty are met. The warranty can be